Youth Development Plan

 The SVGFF kicked off its youth development plan with a bang on Saturday September 6th 2008. Over 100 children    between the ages of 9-17 flooded the Victoria Park in what was the  first time in history that the Football Federation was implementing a  wide spread  grass roots coaching program.

The SVGFF’s Youth Development Program has 2 parts, in school and out of school. The in- school program was approved by the Ministry of Education in April last. It involves the FF training teachers to instruct children during school time. The FF will further give all technical support, assess and monitor the program and make the necessary adjustments. The Ministry of Education  is supposed to provide the teachers, students, equipment and  find the time in the curricula to run the program. This program awaits the purchase of equipment by the Ministry.

  The out of school program begun on Saturday. The SVGFF divided the country into 10 zones much like the school system. Six of those 10 zones begun simultaneously on Saturday; these were Barroullie,  Layou, Campden Park,  Kingstown, Marriaqua and Sion Hill.

  Children from all of those areas were in Victoria Park together receiving coaching from instructors from all over the country many of whom had just successfully completed the FIFA Olympic Solidarity coaching program run with the SVGFF in July. These new coaches were supervised by zonal supervisors Keith ‘MamadilaOllivierre,  Randy ‘Dreamers’ Patrick, Roger Gurley, Earl ‘PinaPaynter and by  Technical and Development Committee member Verrol Henry and Vice President Ian Sardine. Thousands of dollars of equipment was handed over to coaches and center coordinators from these areas who all signed contract agreeing, amongst other things, to work with the participant’s parents and teachers to ensure academic and football excellence are maintained.

 The Youth Development Program is designed to run for  a year; after three months   it will assessed and zonal competitions held; it is expected that those who excel will be   stream- lined and given special treatment and the processed repeated for the next nine months. The cost of the program to the SVGFF is $100,000 per year.